Dreaming in the in-between spaces

Posted: August 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Dreams are tricksters that love to lurk in the shadows. They wait until every guard is down, the last eyelid closed, and some new brainwave yanks consciousness away from the senses. And after the warehouse foreman of the mind takes his break and the loading dock is quiet a secret signal is flashed and the game is on.

When dreams make their side-wise entrance it’s not onto an ordinary stage. This stage is in three or four or more dimensions. It’s a multi-level stage with landings and under-crofts and rooms that connect to whatever they need. Time is blurred and the past is the present is the future is all of them at once. This is the odd stage of dreams and boy do they love to play there.

If this kind of stage is baffling to the daytime mind, the plot, if you can follow it, is even more so. The cast of characters comes from ordinary time and mythic time, the shadows and bright places, impulse, ecstasy and eternity. A dream may slip through your fingers like an phantom or have a good long run over many nights. Sometimes dreams just wink at you and then lay down a long patch of rubber at the intersection. Something needs to be told, resolved, changed.

And then there are the beautiful dream visions. Like ladders to heaven. Curious geometric shapes that are so harmonious you can only gasp. Strange singing in another tongue. Traveling, passing and lifting. Falling, descending and darkness. Somebody waving for you to come join them.

Most of all dreams are like fancy escorts. They take you by the arm and help you across the river to wherever you need to go. They negotiate dangerous passages and suggest a way out of the peculiar place in which you find yourself. None of it makes sense to the rational mind and the rational mind can’t go there, not alone, because it doesn’t know how to travel these parts; there is no map to get you from here to there.

I’m telling you, watch out. Your dreams are after you and they won’t divulge the time of the next attack. I’m not even sure you could prepare for it if you wanted to. But you can welcome, listen, and watch. They are on your side, after all.  As strange as they are, they are on your side.

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