Not made by human hands

Posted: August 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Today the Sabbath song began with the sopranos,
the autumn bugs droning their entrance,
glorifying the day, every day
every sacred day.

This temple they fill is not made by human hands,
always more expansive than our wanting imitation.
The whole created universe is the theater of the spirit,
its wisdom filling every nook, every thought,
billions of years, beyond time.

Our every attempt to package the Whirlwind falls short,
especially when arrogance dares name it absolute.
Defiance: Infinity shall not be contained by little systems, ever,
and the sweetest spot is always the one under our feet,
which is every spot, everywhere.

Come choirs of creatures, angels of galaxies,
and the high priests of the cosmos.
We do not create you, Oh Mystery,
but you have birthed us, wherever and whenever
we take one breath of awe and wonder.

That shall be enough, declares the Big God,
hiding nameless above our manufactured little gods.
Silence! Take off the shoes of your life. If you can’t find it here and now
you will never find it anywhere.

  1. leslieclay1 says:

    Beautiful. I hope you continue to write, write, write.

  2. Jenny Mcgee says:

    Beautiful, lovely and the gentle treat I called out for today. Thank you!

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