Liminality Central

Liminality is a state of being occupying the space/time between here and there, the space in-between, a transitional domain on the other side of the familiar and known. This liminal space can be chosen as in a prescribed Rite of Passage or thrust upon us through a sudden calamity. The persons occupying this strange space take on a new identity as the old slips away and the new has not yet materialized. And the liminal space – however terrifying – is often full of potential to transform. Many of the greatest answers to life are found in liminal space, the other side of everything we thought we knew. It is a place of revelation and mystery.

My first book on liminality was Liminal Reality and Transformational Power (Cambridge, England, Lutterworth Press, 2016).

I am very excited about a forthcoming anthology on liminality for which I am the editor: Neither Here nor There: The Many Voices of Liminality (Cambridge, England, Lutterworth Press). It is scheduled for release in February 2019! In addition to selecting the sixteen international authors and editing their work I wrote the Introduction, First Chapter and Conclusion. The award winning Barbara Brown Taylor has written the Foreword.