Your Calling as a Christian


Your Calling as a Christian coverThis primer of the Christian faith engages the reader at the intersection of ancient wisdom and contemporary cultural context. Providing a way to think theologically as much as presenting basic content, the book provides an introduction for the spiritual seeker at the same time that it goes deep for long-standing practitioners of the way of Jesus.

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“If I hadn’t just put down Your Calling as a Christian, I would have insisted that such a book was impossible to write: a book where you can both dip toes in the water and dive deep into the depths. Every book issues a “call.” Hear the “call” of this book about “calling,” and you will find yourself answering “calls” that will change your life and change the world.”
—Leonard Sweet, Drew University, George Fox Evangelical Seminary


The Square Root of God: Mathematical Metaphors and Spiritual Tangents


WIPFSTOCK_TemplateThis creation of Tim Carson plays in the intersection between numbers and the sacred. You can order your paper or e-book version here

Patricia Farmer, author of Embracing a Beautiful God and The Metaphor Maker, speaks of The Square Root of God this way:

“Timothy Carson’s book, The Square Root of God, invites the reader on a metaphorical adventure into the ultimate aspects of life–into religion, philosophy, physics, and even art and music. According to Carson, “religious language is first and foremost the language of symbol, metaphor, poetry, and the stuff of dreams and visions.” We most often think of the metaphor as the vehicle of the literary poet, but his book reminds us that the most ancient symbols of humanity, such as those we find in Geometry, can serve as the most richly intriguing metaphors. As a modern day Pythagoras, he probes the metaphorical depths of math symbols, galvanizing our imagination toward fresh interpretations of God, Christ, and the human spirit. His conclusion that “the power of love serves as the key to understanding everything else” will strike a chord with people of all faiths. While his intellectual foundations are based on the most cutting edge thinking in theology, philosophy, and science today, his conclusions are more than the sum of the parts. The Square Root of God is an original work, a thought-provoking lure into a profound spirituality for the quantum age.”
Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension


WIPFSTOCK_TemplateThis collaborative book was created by Tim Carson, Genevieve Howard and Jenny McGee. The book unfolds as a metaphorical journey through the house of your life. As you move from door to door you enter aspects of our humanity which must be integrated in order to create a whole and harmonious self.

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“Beautiful words, intriguing images, a unique concept, and fresh takes on the life of the spirit rooted firmly on earth…It’s no wonder this book speaks straight to the soul.”

Victoria Moran
Author of Creating a Charmed Life and Shelter for the Spirit

Liminal Reality and Transformational Power: Transition, Renewal and Hope – Revised Edition


Liminal Reality Cover ArtThis book emerged out of Tim’s doctoral work on liminality. After the book went out of print Lutterworth press in Cambridge, England offered to publish a second edition. This new edition has new front matter and an additional chapter on Liminality and War. This book will be of interest to religious leaders and those working in any realm that considers the importance of the great passages of life. You may order it here.
“Liminal Reality is insightful and thought-provoking. It helps us to deepen our understanding of the many liminal realities in our lives, and to think how such spaces can lead us to heal and transform ourselves and our world. I highly recommend it.”
-Gabriella Lettini, Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Professor of Theological Ethics, Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, CA
“In recent years, and for very good reasons, the concept of liminality has come to the fore in the wider social sciences. Scholars are today revitalising the original insights of Arnold van Gennep concerning the centrality of rites of passage toward a deeper understanding of both continuity and change. Equipped with liminality, this book takes the reader on a voyage into the heart of theology, and into the human search for meaning. It is worth a read for scholars and non-scholars alike.”
Bjorn Thomassen, Associate Professor, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University, Denmark, Author of Liminality and the Modern (2014)
Neither Here nor There: The Many Voices of Liminality


Neither Here nor There - Cover ImageThis anthology of liminality gathers together seventeen international authors who work, research and live close to liminal thresholds of many kinds. They are poets, theologians, professors, pastors, prisoners, healers and world travelers. Together they represent a treasure trove of keen insights about the liminal domain and what it means to enter and pass through it.
Neither Here nor There rides the line between scholarship and poetry, memoir and psychology, anthropology and theology. And that, of course, makes its point. Easy dualisms are neat and clean: everything is day or night, right or wrong, us or them, in or out. Reality, like this book, transgresses, transcends, and includes. Timothy Carson has brought together an amazing array of diverse writers of uncommon skill to transport readers to a place they may never have been before, a space between familiar spaces and beyond the dualist mind.” — Brian D. McLaren, author, speaker, activist
“This book is an informed, interesting, and unique collection on the increasingly popular subject of liminality. Its multitude of contributors – the ‘many voices’ of this work – come from numerous different walks of life and all have different stories to tell. Carson’s edited work intriguingly weaves together the academic and the personal in this rich and diverse tapestry of all things liminal.” — Elizabeth Parker, Co-editor of Landscapes of Liminality: Between Space and Place
“Neither Here nor There straddles the boundaries between popular theology and academic disciplines like anthropology, sociology, psychology, and theology. Contributors range from poets to pastors to practitioners to academics to a prisoner serving a life sentence in a Tennessee prison. The global range of contributors’ experiences includes Australia, Ireland, Israel/Palestine, South Africa and the United States. The book is ably introduced and edited by Carson, a pastor and writer based in Missouri who curates Neither Here nor There presents reflections on liminality in remarkably accessible and practical ways. It is a useful resource for individuals or small groups keen to explore spirituality, and personal and social transitions.” — Gladys Ganiel, Research Fellow, Queens University, Belfast
“You are holding a wondrous book in your hands, full of startling stories about people who accept the risks of engaging liminal space. Plenty of them did not consent to go there. Some were catapulted there by war, illness, abuse, or natural disaster. Others found themselves there due to poverty, gender, apartheid, or immigration. The authors of the stories constitute an exception, since most of them chose to go places they did not have to. They willingly entered the passageway between here and there, between structures an chaos, both to serve as witnesses of transformation and to offer what aid they could to those still in its throes.” — Barbara Brown Taylor from the Foreword of Neither Here nor There
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  1. […] the brainchild of pastor, writer, editor and friend, Tim Carson, who has written a variety of other books. I love Tim’s definition of liminality in his chapter […]

  2. […] the brainchild of pastor, writer, editor and friend, Tim Carson, who has written a variety of other books. I love Tim’s definition of liminality in his chapter […]

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