Such places between here and there

Posted: May 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

You have invited me to take one more foray
into the shadows
out where I am not inclined to go
but which holds the next surprise.

And so I ask for what I do not know
which makes it hard to ask at all
at least with any specificity.

Maybe it is really not asking
as much as opening.

But open to what?

Deep is the well of what we shall become
for it does not yet appear.

Will you give me enough faith
to take the next unknown step
or fearful one
or least deserved one?

I ask, open to, trust in
your graceful inclination
to have me be more
and to learn of you.

(Timothy Carson, from a train between Gobowen and Leicester)


  1. Jane says:

    A proper daily prayer. Amen.

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