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imagePart of my sabbatical pilgrimage has taken me to the northernmost shore of Northern Ireland and the Corrymeela community. Founded in the 1960s, the spiritual community parallels other ecumenical communities established in its time such as the Iona and Taize communities.  The purpose of Corrymeela is to bring together souls in the Spirit as they join together for spiritual renewal, restoration, reconciliation and peacemaking.

During my time here I will participate in a clergy retreat as well as lead a retreat on Limninality and Spirituality.

One of the spiritual centers of the Corrymeela community is the Croi, the chapel. C The Croi was created to parallel the sacred Celtic stone mounds of the same name and the community descends into the circular space of the Croi to meditate and pray. And here is the credo the community recites each day at the close of meditation and prayer:

Courage comes from the heart
and we are always welcomed by God,
the Croi of all being.

We bear witness to our faith,
knowing that we are called
to live lives of courage, love and reconciliation
in the ordinary and extraordinary moments
of each day.

We bear witness took to our failures
and our complicity in the fractures of our world.

May we be courageous today.
May we learn today.
May we love today. Amen.

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