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It is sometimes trite to repeat the obvious. But sometimes the obvious hasn’t been so obvious. One of those obvious but often missed things is this: No one ever returns from war unchanged. However well prepared, however resilient, however well duty was performed, the soul of the warrior bears the scars that every human must when put in that situation. War exacts a severe toll for those who are sent and return. And returning in all respects – mind, relationships, spirit, vocation – is the last and difficult part of the journey, the long way home. Who could possibly understand? How can I fit in here? Is there a place for me in the world now?

All the Way Home isĀ  a Mid-Missouri organization dedicated to assisting those warriors who carry the invisible wounds of war to come all the way home. It takes a community to do that, to bring those we sent back home. As a balm against the isolation we are creating ways for these veterans to gain access to one-on-one compassionate companions, small taking circle support and events like our March 4-5 retreat, Walking Home with our Combat Veterans.It will take place at the Cedar Creek Lodge and Retreat center just outside of Columbia, Missouri. The cost of the event for veterans – which includes room, board and program – is absolutely free.

This interactive and supportive retreat will address the core issues veterans face as they make the journey home. Our special guest presenters include the Rev. Dr. John Schluep and singer/songwriter Carrie Newcomer. We will provide relaxed and unhurried time to explore the struggles and tools for continuing adjustment and transformation.

As a capstone to the weekend Carrie Newcomer will be in concert on Saturday, March 5, 7pm, in the sanctuary of Broadway Christian Church, 2601 W. Broadway. The tickets are $12 and may be purchased online, the Broadway church office during office hours or at the door.

Please consider passing the news of the retreat to veterans you may know who are struggling. You may download the Retreat brochure. Veterans may register through the All the Way Home Webpage. And promote the concert to everyone you know. The public is cordially invited.