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They say that politics is
the power of the possible
the art of compromise and even
a mighty pendulum
swinging back and forth
across some invisible point of balance

Spend less, take in more
Fund this, don’t fund that
Make the opposition sweat
Please the base and their checkbooks
Raise the curtain and smile big
for the ones who bought our ticket

But those familiar with the drama
know it more as a game of chess
with the opening move, and counter,
the sacrifice of the dispensable
for better position on the board
and driven dreams of checkmate

The goal of politics, today, is not
longing for the common good,
but vanquishing the steely eyed opponent
across that broad expanse of squares,
the last thing standing between a victory
seldom had and enjoyed by few

Tim Carson, July 2011

He, a known quantity, honored by his own, dares to take a run for office in these United States.

But he, as a shock to his own kind, says something moderate, unscripted, out of step with the party line, near the center where most true things ride atop the golden mean.

Therefore he, loyalty now in question, is vilified by his own, who ask if he can really be trusted after all.

And he, tossed in a deep pit with others like him, those who think thoughts that are not pasted on the wall of the far extreme, must be suspect.

He should know that moderation is a questionable attribute, just a short step from them.

He should know that balancing all the arguments, both pros and cons, is a sign of weakness.

He will beg for mercy, forgiveness, from those who will line his war chest, sing his praises to the masses. Go ahead, grovel. Take it back. He really didn’t think those original thoughts after all. Those words were impulsive, the fruit of poor judgment.

He and he and he surf the polarized madness that is our homeland, surf the big curl crashing on the  shore, as the real answers to the real questions sit quietly waiting to be noticed, waiting not for a he at all, but much more.