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Abner Womack is professor of Agricultural Economics at FAPRI – Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, University of Missouri.

Many have inquired after the identity of the masked economist mentioned in the previous post.

Well, he’s your man!

Just this morning I listened to an economist who does pure research and answers to no political party. He provided a comprehensive, balanced, research-driven, historically based analysis of not only the present economy and most recent recession, but the whole waterfront of the last 100 years. The presentation included macro dynamics of debt, assets, unemployment, energy, concentration of wealth, regulation, market forces, trade and competing philosophies.

I felt like I could breathe again – sanity, balance, reason, real data and the absence of spin.

I’m embarrassed by the ideologically-driven leaders who are pulling the strings of our present political charade. As is often the case, a simple comparison with a man of substance exposed them for who they are and are up to.

Deliver us … from them.


They say that politics is
the power of the possible
the art of compromise and even
a mighty pendulum
swinging back and forth
across some invisible point of balance

Spend less, take in more
Fund this, don’t fund that
Make the opposition sweat
Please the base and their checkbooks
Raise the curtain and smile big
for the ones who bought our ticket

But those familiar with the drama
know it more as a game of chess
with the opening move, and counter,
the sacrifice of the dispensable
for better position on the board
and driven dreams of checkmate

The goal of politics, today, is not
longing for the common good,
but vanquishing the steely eyed opponent
across that broad expanse of squares,
the last thing standing between a victory
seldom had and enjoyed by few

Tim Carson, July 2011