Creating More Room for the Spirit to Roam

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The community gathers

The community gathers

Our open-space worship environment continued through Good Friday as the community gathered, looked, listened, contemplated and prayed.

The Chancel Choir sang the haunting Reproaches by

Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir

Victoria, the cycle of questions from the divine lover to the beloved asking why they have rejected and scorned the lover. They began in “flash mob” style, scattered throughout the sanctuary, a few beginning to sing and move joined by others until all were assembled in the loft.

art stationThe prayer stations included the passion cycle lessons and the work of the late French artist, Georges Rouault. His sacred art, especially his well-known Miserere series, focused on the Divine love present in the suffering of humanity as shown in Christ’s suffering.

The printed prayer guide included Rouault’s story, how when he



was about thirty years old he had an awakening and united him with the sacred source of things and the humanity loved by that sacred presence. His art was derided by other artists and held in suspicion by the religious. Almost forgotten in his own time he has been embraced in the present moment as one of the greatest sacred modernist artists of the last century.

BCC Good Friday 2014 Panorama

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