Creating Room for the Spirit to Roam

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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You could call it an un-worship, but that wouldn’t be exactly right. For both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday we moved the seating out of the sanctuary and replaced it with multi-media images, prayer stations,

Entering through Palm Sunday

Entering through Palm Sunday

ambient live music and seating areas for meditation and prayer. Stations included places to anoint oneself or a friend with oil, to wash

Self=serve Communion

Self=serve Communion

feet, to write prayers of hope to hang on trees and to commune at the central table.

MT 14 PanoramaIt’s not easier to pull off open-source worship than standard structured worship. It takes lots of work! But I am surrounded by incredibly creative and talented staff and volunteers who make it look easy.

A few people were uncomfortable with such an unstructured experience, but most plunged into the sacred time-space and let their spirits loose. Some meditated for an hour. Others spent time focusing MT 14 Footwashing childrenon the music or images. Tenderness was everywhere on display as people engaged with those they knew who were struggling or passing through times of loss. The Last Supper of Jesus became the Jesus meal for the broken. By his stripes we knew our own … and the source of our own healing.

MT 14 GethsemameWe’re repeating the same process tonight, Good Friday, but this time with ancient song through the Chancel Choir and the stunning images of the late French artist Georges Rounault. Whereas a table was in the center of the space last night there will be a cross tonight. And it all leads to the hope of Easter which is the power of life on steroids. The light has come into the world but the darkness could not put it out. Not then, not now.

  1. katherine kinnamon says:

    Wonderful! I was fed and cared for, just in reading your notes and imagining the space and Spirit at work, roaming through all of you. thanks. kk

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