The Healing Properties of Harp, Prayer and Story

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tonight we resumed our practice of gathering on the first Tuesday of each month for the healing strains of Harp music interspersed with readings and prayers. Maria Trevor, harpist exceptionale, plays the most meditative and soulful music. Tonight we wove in a story of healing from the great healing tradition of relocation; moving one spiritually from one place to another. The traditional sweat lodge rituals of the North American first peoples did this so well; the trance/visions always transported the participants beyond the mountains to the places where spiritual healing is found.

We did this via a story of the great path – from forest to meadow, meadow to lake, lake to cabin, and the wise woman inside …

In the beginning was movement … of the spirit to the spirit. And story is the vehicle. That and the golden strains of the harp.

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