Superbowl is for Sissies III

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

For some reason sporting events, including college events and national professional events, have become events that showcase the military. I’m glad we thank our men and women who serve in military service. But that isn’t the only profession that contributes to the common good. Perhaps it is because sporting events symbolize the conflict of oppositions. I don’t know. But I vote for Doctors without Borders for next Superbowl.

I just recently attended a University of Missouri basketball game in which new National Guard recruits were commissioned on the basketball floor right before the game began. Why? I’m glad they were. But why there and then? Next game I vote for all those new graduates who have a agreed to do a three year term in the Peace Corps.

Give us the sports. Let’s honor our folks in military another time. They are not the same nor do they automatically belong together.

  1. Audie says:

    Absolutely! The military are honored constantly. They have their own VA hospitals, their own VA loan programs, their own military stores like the BX, great retirement programs, and on and on. What about all the masses who stay at home in the US? They work, and pay their taxes so the country can function…so the military will have a functioning country to return to. There is much more to our country and to the National Anthem for us to be proud about than just our military.

    By contrast those who work for Peace are often jeered!

    Our values need an overhaul.

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