Mixed Motives? No problem!

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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How could I have missed it? Somebody just wrote that everyone has mixed motives, which we already know, but that (hold your breath) God uses them all the time. Duh.

The reason I may appear at the door of a church has to do with some vague sense of obligation for my children. I ought to get them there. But no matter. God uses my less-than-pure motive for seeking God anyway. I may end up finding what I wasn’t angling for.

Maybe I do the right thing because there is some peer pressure to do so, not because I’m so virtuous. But I go along with it and do something good I might not have done on my own. In the process I find something I wasn’t looking for. No problem, God rides my less-than-Mother-Teresa motive and transforms it into something more.

Maybe it was the music that first attracted me to some worship service. Yeah, great band, or classical flute, or whatever. Pretty, an aesthetic I dig. The fact that the music is supposed to be an avenue rather than an end in itself eludes me. No biggie. God helps me find God in spite of myself.

We’ve got all kinds of mixed motives for everything we do. God doesn’t wait for us to be pure in heart before steering us toward being more pure of heart. God’s specialty is raw material. Like clay in the potter’s hand. We give God the mixed bag and God picks through it and puts it back together again in a different way.

Mixed motives? No problem. Bring ’em on. It’s always just the beginning.

  1. Lee says:

    So true! God is capable of building so much more from the mediocre offerings we bring to the table than we ever could have dreamed.  God is never limited by our feeble imaginations 🙂

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