A Prayer for September

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

We do not presume
to tell you who you are
as if we could, with these words

Neither can we suggest
the direction of your purpose
when we barely know our own

For now we wait, trusting
holding enormous life
in these little hearts

Without a shred of presumption
we ask who we might become
if not now, then later

Fill us with

Honesty that dares look ourselves in the mirror
Compassion that overcomes our inclination to self
Courage that dares to do what is right when not popular
Hope that never limits the future by the contours of the present
Curiosity that always draws us to that which cannot be known, and yes, to the mystery that is you

These things we pray, knowing that you have known them in our hearts before they passed through our lips


  1. Barbara says:

    Tim, an excellent prayer to begin the day (today or any day)!

  2. Vera Rowell says:

    I hope you are collecting these gems. This one really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

  3. an old six stringer says:

    I just learned that a dear friend is nearing the end of his battle with the big C. Funny how we are led to those who can help shape our thoughts and call us back to the reasons we become connected in the first place. I miss you guys and think of you often. Your poem filled me with the feeling of comfort that I always knew in your presence and I recall the wisdom and humility you always share. Hope is sometimes a distant calling, but I’m glad to have discovered this site. Thank you to John Dyess and his amazing talent…I stumbled into your circle. Glad to feel your calm and hear your voice. See ya my friend…

  4. Reading this on my lunch break, I find it nourishing.

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