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The Liminal Loop is about to lift off! This new anthology of eighteen international authors includes many voices of those addressing liminaity from their own experience, contexts and disciplines. The combined result is stunning. You may preorder your copy now by clicking here.

“As we enter this wilderness, this domain of the desert, we find it full of fearsome landscapes, wild beasts, and unanticipated peril. What previously seemed normal no longer works or has become irrelevant. Old tools become useless in the face of new challenges. Former ways of perceiving and understanding dissolve within a dream time that is replete with the most unusual and confounding cast of characters. Perplexing and paradoxical questions arise. Time and our sense of its passage become fluid. And yet, we also discover a realm of deep mystery, filled with its own consolations, strange beauty, sudden epiphanies and enchanted traveling companions.”

– Timothy Carson and Suzan Franck in The Liminal Loop