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As a result of our involvement with both our large community garden program and immigration and refugee services here in Columbia, we have become connected to a group of Burmese Christians. When it came time for them to seek a church where they might meet for worship they approached Broadway. With the enthusiastic embrace of this possibility by our Serve (MOM) team, Property, Executive Committee and Board, a community of around 25 men, women and children will begin meeting for worship at Broadway on May 5. They will meet in our basement area. We have selected the 11:30 a.m. time so that adult Christian education will be finished and our worshipers attending the Contemporary service will already be in the sanctuary.

Please welcome our guests when you see them. We consider nesting this congregation an act of Christian hospitality and affirmation of our basic unity in Christ. We also look forward to future opportunities in which our two communities might join in some shared time together, such as over a meal. Stay tuned!