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that truth endures, even when covered, even when twisted

that integrity is hard, and staying the course in the face of opposition is even harder

that you must not sigh about the evil intention in yourself, but face it, as you would a person

that you must stare evil in the eye, and not turn away, even when you suffer for it

that all the regret in the world is useless without learning the lessons shown only by failures

that the world is kept sane by the courage of a few people who dare tell the truth to a mistaken majority

that hatred consumes the hater, not the hated

that revenge creates more of the same

that remaining true to one’s vision of life does not always lead to prosperity, but it does lead to peace

that the seed of every human collapse, failure, and tragedy is the lack of love

that attachment to things brings suffering, and that suffering is willing to harm the neighbor

that the easy way is often not the best way

that our view of God is always, every time, less than the reality of God

that the past is not really past, nor the future out of reach, but all really present

that everything is one, and we are one with it

that the world unfolds one atom at a time, in a trillion ways

that kindness is the form of love that transforms the fever of despair

that we are limited most by the limits of our minds and imagination

that compassion cares without harming the other by offering the wrong thing

that there is always more unseen than seen, unknown than known, and undone than done

that every breath is a gift, every step a mystery, and every moment a sacrament

that we have it wrong more than we have it right

that our journey is short, though it seems long

that we can’t control the universe

that today’s worry is sufficient unto the day

that every stranger has a mother

and we are all born of the same womb