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Good friend Klara just lost her father. Like many of us who have lost a parent, we have traversed their last days, even last minutes. Our pathway included rituals of farewell through wakes and funerals. And then there was cleaning out the house, taking care of final details, securing the death certificates…

What is not always shared are the kind of things Klara does. As a person with a very logical, scientific orientation I think she was surprised by what she experienced. Her words will strike a chord with many who have felt the same thing. I share with her blessings:

“When I traveled back to be with my father in his last days his soul seemed to go in and out of his body. He just seems to be so much “alive” now since his failing body stopped restricting him. He’s kind of with me everywhere I go … just like he always wanted to. There is sure more to life than death and I’ve had an extra guardian angel since.

I had drafted my father’s death announcement the day before I rode the 70 miles for the MS bike-a-thon. Somehow he was with me, enjoying the sights as we rode, I could tell. I flew to Switzerland the next day to help with the funeral. When the flag was flying in the wind during the anthem before the bike ride, I swear my Dad was there watching it with me.

My parents often walked to the forest and lit candles in the woods for All Saints. I always felt like my father’s father was with me. I never observed how visible it can seem when a soul comes and goes. Life is amazing and wonderful, even after death … if we let it!”