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“Last year, Manhattan hedge fund manager John Paulson took home $4.9 billion in pay. Before the crash, Paulson helped inflate the housing bubble by designing junk mortgage-backed securities for Goldman Sachs – and then profited from the pop by betting that those very securities would fail.” (Sojourners, July 2011, 9)

Long over due: A Christian language in moral ethics that defines sin not by the little, safe targets, but by the big ones – the mindsets and behavior that propel over-the-top greed and harm of neighbor for the benefit of self. We would have thought that the economic meltdown would have brought about some remorse. It has not. And those who were most culpable have profited most conspicuously.

Wouldn’t it assist our moral clarity to define such practices exemplified by Paulson and his cohorts simply as sin? It is sinful. And for that only repentance, on a public scale, will do.