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Well, I finally bit the bullet, so to speak, and obtained my own personal nuclear bomb. By sheer luck I found at the same time a great rocket launcher on eBay – just perfect. I was amazed how it all fit in my custom silo in my back yard. I am, as they say, the envy of the neighborhood. Or perhaps the dread of them. Either way, I feel much safer now and ready for all comers.

I obtained my personal nuclear bomb at the nuclear bomb show. Lots of people like me frequent them and its a blast (dang I’m good!) to just see everything that’s available and have the technical people there to assist you with helpful information and practical advise.

Of course, you’ll always have some nay sayers around. Some of my neighbors went so far as to protest my new acquisition. Can you imagine? Like, keep your nose out of my business. If you feel that insecure go get one of your own. If everybody had one people would stop bitching about what their neighbor has or doesn’t have. People can be so petty.

I was coming home last night from my NNA (National Nuclear Association) meeting and thinking real hard about the Second Amendment again. Our founding fathers put that there for a reason, and it’s to protect ordinary citizens like me from having our rights messed with. The right to bear arms. Could that be any more clear? What about that clause do you not understand?

I have the right to bear arms to protect me and mine. The form it takes – its capacity and size – is beside the point. I have that right. And all the attempts to regulate my possession of it – like background checks or limiting the scope of weapons that are permitted – is just another way for big government to stomp on me. Let me tell you something. We’ve got lobbyists up there in Washington to advocate for our rights. And there’s lots, I mean lots of money behind them. We get people elected and we take them down. So, Mr. or Mrs. Representative or Senator, we’re watching and when Christmas comes we’re going to see if you’ve been naughty or nice.

But I don’t want to go into that today. I just want to sit here and enjoy freedom, pure and simple. It’s good to be free in the U.S.A. I’m just enjoying my personal nuclear devise, my right to bear arms and being an American. It’s a good day, a great day and I’m happy to be safe and alive.