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Where’s the God Box?

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

DSC00163Yes, the God Box is on the move! As our local extension of the nationally touring God in the Box documentary, our home-made God Box is showing up here, there, everywhere in Columbia. Special thanks to our construction crew, painters, video crew, and box attenders. Here’s how it works.

We station ourselves in a public place and and ask passers by to participate in a documentary. If they are willing they are invited into the box where they may answer a couple of questions about their understanding of God. We have drawing materials if they would like to sketch something, too. We compile and edit all these first person videos into a short documentary. And then we share that with the same public that offered it, completing the loop. The goal is to introduce a safe, non-threatening conversation about sacred things, transcendence, into the culture.

This weekend we are stationed at a prime venue during the True/False Documentary Film Festival. Over DSC0017025,000 people descend on Columbia every year for this event. We’ve had astounding response. In coming weeks we will locate the box elsewhere, trying to reach different crowds.

DSC00172All this will culminate in the viewing of the national documentary God in the Box on March 21 at 7pm at the Ragtag theater. We are flying the director, Nathan Lang, in for the event. At this same event we will premier our own “short-short” God in the Box – our Columbia version.

Watch for a box coming near you!