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Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Alongside the basketball court in our Christian life center is a shuffleboard. We never use it. Granted, churches and organizations often have, especially in the past. Our course usually stands lonely. Until recently, that is.

It seems that the shuffleboard is the most popular attraction at our Broadway style Room in the Inn, our program to shelter the homeless. Why?

I’m not sure, really, except that it is a game full of clear rules and boundaries. When everything else in your life is hazy, those lines are marked in the same place. The disc either does or does not land on a point. And I can push it down the length of the floor toward a hopeful end. My effort makes a difference, here and now. Maybe that is it. Maybe it is about hope when hope is scarce. And the movement of my mind and body changes something.

Push. Slide. Land.