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The outgoing president of Drury University, Todd Parnell, wrote a little fiction-laden-with-values article in his most recent column of Drury Magazine (Fall, 2012). The piece arose as a response to the most recent election season, with its staggering financials and knee-deep mud. If he ran for office, it would be a different story, he opined. From the description you can only imagine a very local election. But he gets the points across. His campaign principles are twelve:

  • Accept no campaign contributions
  • Place no campaign ads
  • Commit no more than $1,000 of personal funds
  • Prepare a one-page summary of values and issue positions and distribute to anyone interested
  • No pictures of pets, kids and grandkids
  • Set up campaign headquarters at the kitchen table: Open from 8am-12noon, no appointments.
  • No neckties
  • Walk door to door listening and sharing ideas each afternoon
  • Facebook and tweet to all who will listen
  • Debate opponents on any topic in any forum under any format
  • Always be honest and civil in agreement or disagreement
  • If elected, serve from home

It is highly questionable whether he would be electable under these terms. But then again, he might be elected precisely because of them.

Thanks, Todd.