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Dealing with Trauma

Posted: September 28, 2017 in Uncategorized
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The upcoming edition of COMO Living includes a feature article on dealing with trauma. I am included as one who helps people address it. You might want to take a look at Rethinking PTSD.


EFT for Christians BookcoverHats off to fellow EFT practitioner Sherrie Smith for her new book, EFT for Christians (Energy Psychology Press, 2015). A a person immersed in both medicine and faith she has done an admirable job of integrating science and religion when it comes to EFT. She spends lots of time on the science and physiology of EFT. And she does this from a faith standpoint, as one who has a foot in both worlds.

I recommend her work to anyone who wants to explore the effectiveness of EFT and integrate it into mainstream Christian thought and practice with integrity.

When I encountered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) several years ago I was skeptical. How could tapping on the body’s meridians while surfacing intense centers of emotion release people from suffering? I had long experience in the stock and trade of general pastoral counseling. Was this just more foo-foo from some new agey edge? To my surprise I found out differently. EFT was exceedingly effective with many blockages of mind, body and spirit. And worked in a relatively short period of time.

Though EFT falls under the whole umbrella of “energy psychology” it actually has ancient roots. It relies on the body’s centers of energy as known and utilized in China and India. With ties to both yoga and acupuncture/acupressure, EFT directly interacts with the field of energy that comprises every living thing. The energy itself – when allowed to flow in the presence of challenging or painful aspects – does the work. In this regard it is closely aligned with prayer, meditation and other healing arts.

Practitioners work with clients to tap on themselves while talking through difficult emotions of all kinds. This in turn frees the energy system to release and correct these painful blockages of energy. The result is remarkable freedom – that frequently impacts our bodily pain response. Anyone can do it but trained and skilled practitioners help people address the hidden layers that continue to act beneath the surface.

For the past several years I have been in training for EFT certification. Having completed all that I am now a certified EFT Practitioner. This mostly means that I weave it into my other work with people when it seems appropriate, though some people will come seeking EFT specifically.

For a person of faith and a Christian in particular, EFT is a contemporary healing modality that is consistent with my understanding of physics, the human being and spirituality. My joy comes in witnessing the healing power that unfolds, whether in healing past memories or working with those with PTSD. God is good and provides so many paths to healing and wholeness. How blessed I am to have found another one.

Certified EFT Practitioner Intermediate - 1

For some time I have been following the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) movement – an healing modality that utilizes the energy field of the body to address blocked aspects and contribute to emotional and physical pain and suffering. Believing that EFT is complementary to Christian spiritual traditions and pastoral practice I bit the bullet, jumped off the ledge and began training as an EFT practitioner. I have just completed level one training.

So many of the convictions about mind/body/spirit in EFT are already held in the ancient faiths of the great religious traditions. What EFT does is provide a very practical use of these insights and realities. I have been inspired by the way in which great progress is made around modifying pain, emotional duress, physical health and spiritual struggle. As a practicing pastor I am already adding it to my “toolkit” of resources.

During the past few days I not only found the benefits of EFT for myself but witnessed the rapid way in which people made concrete progress. It is strikingly different that conventional counseling approaches. And it provides a method that the person may continue to use on their own.

There are many things for which we may be thankful at this time of year. EFT is one more for me!