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A second aspect of the Interpretations process included the artist interpreting an original written work, so Tracy Eichhorn created a visual response to my original writing.

The medium is a window frame with wall paper and epoxy on glass.

When I awoke it was to a song out of place.Tracy Window Frame Art Birds-crop
The solitary voice of a bird sounded
before its season.
The usual suspects waited behind the closet door:
parka, overcoat, checkered scarf from Scotland.

But I elbowed past them and chose
the flimsy jacket hiding in the back.

When the wind struck my face,
winter asked what I thought I was doing,
that it was hardly finished with me yet.
And I said I didn’t really care,
that I was a song out of place,
singing as though the end
was almost here.

Tim and TracyThe Interpretations exhibit at the Columbia Art League opened Saturday, August 24, and the confluence of written and visual word filled the hall. One of my pleasures was meeting my secret assigned partner, Tracy Eichhorn, the artist whose art I interpreted and who in turn interpreted mine. The exhibit runs through November 1.

My assignment was to interpret her original piece with a written composition. Her oil painting of a comet slicing the night sky was the subject of my following poem:


Deep calls to deepArt Piece for Poetry and Art Project
as green blends to blue
and the edge that joins
is the edge that cuts
creating and holding
until the uninvited
makes its flashy entrance
disrupts the plan
tears away the veil
and then, without notice
takes leave, walks off stage
leaving nothing behind
except that lonely mark
where reverie danced
no more than a day

(Tim Carson, April 2013)

Interpretations pic

Some creator or creators came up with the brain child: Draw together artists and writers and structure them in such a way that they interpret each others work. And that is exactly what has happened. 40 artists and 40 writers have been selected to create and cross-create with their assigned partner. The result is a show called Interpretations and it runs from August 24 – November 1 at the Columbia Art League. In addition they are creating a coffee-table book of the entire collection.

I have been selected as one of the writers and look forward to the expo!

For the full story go here.