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As I sat in the waiting room of the oncology clinic today with Kathy somewhere in the depths of the next test, the live news feed came through the tele: mass murderer James Holmes makes his first court appearance. There he is, the clownishly appearing dazed suspect. If he is the one, and they are pretty sure it is so, he waltzed into a movie theater full of people excited to watch the new Batman film. What they got instead was a coward shooting fish in a barrel. When the smoke cleared they apprehended the psuedo-Ninja and took him into custody.

I’m trying to get my head around his head – an impossible thing to do, really – and attempt to comprehend such an act, which is of course, incomprehensible. But as I do so the people steadily wander through for testing or treatment or comfort. Doctors and staff are doing everything humanly possible to save life, protect the dignity of life, give people a fighting chance. The people who are waiting would do almost anything to live or to help their loved ones live.

And just a couple of states away the angel of death cut down the corn with his scythe. The pursuit of death, the pursuit of life, all in the same world, same time.

Where is hope? Where is justice? Where is inhumanity?

Right here, right here.