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So the latest attempt at urban renewal has hit the rolling hills of Columbia and environs. The winter encampment of the homeless has become the source of irritation. Though parks and recreation handled it in a respectful, civil kind of way, the end result was the same: Run out the homeless from their winter camp. There, we feel better. No more tents in the woods.

What is lacking is any consideration of why they are there in the first place or where they might go next. Remember: You and I are returning to our heated abodes. They have none. So why do we deny them a place to camp? They have no homes and we are telling them they can’t even form a community of survival outside. For God’s sake!

Let them have their campsite. Put up some porta-potties to boot. Drive a patrol car by ever so often. But unless there is a problem leave them alone.

Why not create a campground for the homeless, anyway? Other than the already full shelters, where would you go? Wouldn’t you rather stay in a tent in the woods than crouched in a doorway?