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It was in 1990 that the United States passed the Americans with Disabilities Act. This legislation was a major step forward for a compassionate society. We did the right thing.

Now, in our United States Senate, they just voted DOWN extending our American influence in making a similar kind of statement on the world stage. Adding ourselves to the roster of other nations supporting a United Nations treaty on the rights of those with disabilities would require nothing additional from us. The petition is based on our own American legislation that already exists! We are the model for what we voted down!

Even with former Senator Bob Dole and present Senator John McCain present, those who have suffered disabling conditions from their military service, their cowardly colleagues (some of whom voted twenty years ago for the Americans with Disabilities Act!) voted this down. How embarrassing.

And why? It is no mystery. They are cowed by the Tea Party who vow to unseat them unless they follow their narrow agenda. And in this case? Well, you never know what this global statement might do to bring some intrusion into our home schooling. There is no threat!

This is how sick our indebtedness to special interests and the fringes has become. What is at stake? Integrity, of course. Integrity.