The New Infrastructure Bill and Missouri

Posted: November 16, 2021 in Uncategorized

Finally the long overdue bill to rebuild the infrastructure of the nation and refit it for a dynamic future is here. The bi-partisan bill is now law and authorizes federal expenditures to not only undergird the real time needs our country has neglected while other nations have surged ahead, but also generates solid, well-paying jobs and a new era of economic growth.

For Missouri, this translates into very concrete projects over the next five years:

Repair and rebuild our roads and bridges. In Missouri there are 2,190 bridges and over 7,576 miles of highway in poor condition. Missouri will receive $6.5 billion for roads and $484 million for bridge replacement and repair.

Improve sustainable public transportation. Missouri will receive $674 million.

Build a network of EV chargers across the state to facilitate travel with electric vehicles. Missouri will receive $99 million.

Connect every Missourian with reliable high-speed internet. 330,000 Missourians currently lack it. Missouri will receive $100 million.

Prepare our infrastructure for the impacts of climate change, cyber attacks and extreme weather events. Missouri will receive $21 million for wildfires and $19 million for cyberattacks.

Deliver clean drinking water and eliminate toxic lead pipes for all communities. Missouri will receive $866 million.

Improve our airports to bring them up to the highest standards. Missouri will receive $246 million.

  1. Paul Hartman says:

    I wish I could trust Texas politicians to use this money wisely. We’ll probably use it to build book-burning furnaces.

  2. Audrey Spieler says:

    Great to see the desperately needed resources that will come to Missouri. It is a great step, but as I look at the millions and even billions, I have to wonder if it is enough. Our bridges across the Missouri River at Rocheport are extremely expensive!
    This bill passed at great political cost to Biden and Pelosi and I am deeply grateful.

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