The long wait of two Americas

Posted: January 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

Ever since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, following the appointment of his Cabinet and administration officers, the shock that this ever transpired at all has been replaced by a different kind of shock, that the worst could come true, treasured values trashed, democratic structures impaled and gutted, and long-developed programs turned back toward the prehistoric past by people tasked with doing exactly that. The wildly biased tax bill for the rich, the travesty and fantasy emergency at the border, our sullied reputation in the league of world nations,  all these came into being in only two years. What takes years to build can be torn down in a day. The list is long and I don’t have the stomach to recount it all. But I do have one concern.

With the revelation of deep corruption, criminal activity and treason, things many of us suspected from the beginning, the tide is turning rather quickly toward indictments and the revelation of high crimes and misdemeanors. I am fairly certain that the revelations of the Mueller probe will be utterly damning. Renewed hearings in the House of Representatives will reveal what the President’s protectors have covered up until now. And as a result I think it is reasonable to anticipate a resignation or impeachment. It needs to happen.

But my concern is this: I do not believe that everyone knows this, not by a long shot. I am fairly certain, just by sampling propaganda on the far right and hearing people talk, that a fairly large percentage of the American people, those who drink out of only one news well, are fairly unaware how all of this is about to collapse. They have been fed another narrative, another version of reality for so long that what is actually transpiring is missed by them. This smokescreen is intentional, of course, because propaganda machines intend this brainwashing and discrediting of media and news sources – other than their own – as a way to control and secure their power.

My fear is that when the worst happens, when what is absolutely necessary occurs, some 40% of Americans will be caught flat footed. Some of the least thoughtful – the ones who filled the Trump rallies – will run for their guns. I think we are in for a mighty social upheaval. I believe the ousted President will foster it. I anticipate the worst.

To be sure, our democracy has endured much before. We are still standing. But this time the acid has been eating away from the inside-out and the worst that could be was authorized at the top. And all those who made Donald Trump possible, protected him and advanced his agenda where it benefited them, are culpable.

As in most things, the Karma van finally shows up, many times late, but its load delivered nonetheless. This delivery is a big one. It will not be pretty.

When the German people were filled with Third Reich hubris preceding and in the early years of WW II, they couldn’t see what was about to come down the road at them. They could only hear the propaganda and swim in the river of group hysteria. But soon enough their foes stalked them like a wounded beast, from west, east, and south, until their cities burned to the ground and they crawled in their own destruction.

Just two years before the end they did not see that fiery judgment coming, even though plenty of people were saying it was on the way. That’s what is going to happen right now. Many of our neighbors will be shocked and devastated. They won’t understand. They will be furious. Until they wake up.

What to do for each other, regardless of blue, red or purple? How do we reclaim our common humanity, much less the rule of law, democracy and patriotism? How do churches that attached themselves to the wrong regime repent and turn around?  I think we need to be planing in advance. Regardless of who and who did not drink the Koolaid, we all need to be part of the healing after the storm. And there will be a storm.

Let justice come. Then healing. And then, Lord, carry us forward with a new vision of what we can become. We need it. Badly we do.

  1. keelingwallace says:

    Very poignant & true. I can only hope for less hate, less guns. Too many have though have drunk the Koolaid. This is a scary time. Let’s pray there is justice & healing. I’m encouraged by the young faces of many colors with a whole variety of personal pronouns that are moving toward the age to vote & positive want change!

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