The Day after the Day after

Posted: November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

There was the day after the general election in 2016 when unreality plunged into the consciousness of most Americans. Some were happy with that unreality, of course. But most were baffled and remain baffled still. What was worse were the ways that unreality unfolded, which was terrible. We thought that surely the obscenity of TrumpWorld – its greed and every ism imaginable, the rhetoric of division, the motivation through fear, the teasing out of the worst among the masses, the blatant favoritism toward the rich – would be tempered. Surely governance would be qualitatively different than campaigning. But no. There were too few in power willing to do that tempering. The majority party danced around the idol and bowed down, especially those in the so-called religious sector. Was it possible that people of faith could sell their birthright for a mess of porridge? Yes, yes they could. Could a corrupted and treasonous elected official attract equally corrupted and treasonous people around him?  Yes, yes he could. Could truth fall as collateral damage to lie after lie after lie. Yes, it could and has. The America we thought we knew was turning into an America that reflected the worst of what we could become right before our eyes. Democracy began to hang in the balance and democracies are fragile. It is not inconceivable that ours could be replaced with an autocracy.

But there was another day after and that is today. Americans who actually number in the majority rose up to say no. The changing demographics of our country actually continue to march away from trending fascism. Though some critical races were lost for Democrats in very red zones the House of Representatives was regained. This, this alone, restores checks and balances in what had become a rogue right wing state complex in the party of Trump. Danger is forestalled for now but only for now. The forces that allowed it to happen in the first place are still very, very present.

Yes, we need to take into account the realities and shifts that provided for the victory of TrumpWorld. We need to attend to the disenfranchised wherever and whoever they may be. But I do not exaggerate (because I do not need to) when I say that there is evil knocking at this door and only good can overcome it. Democrats, Pre-Trump Republicans, and Independents of all colors, religions, classes, geographies and philosophies – patriots all – must activate our longing for democracy, stand for the values and principles that have made us Americans at our best. We must appeal to our higher angels. And we need to search out hopeful leadership among our rising generations who have the ability to break us out of our old schemes, polarization and dead-end non-solutions.

This is a critical time. We have temporarily blocked the marauding horde that has laid siege to our land, a force that has eroded us from the inside. But if you think the war is over you are most sadly deceived. This will be a long, protracted struggle. Sacrifice will be required. And if the arc of justice is long – and it is often very long – we must settle in for the long haul.

Take heart and do not give up. Help is on the way. In fact, that help is already here. It is among us if we will dig down deep into the strength that has already been provided.

Vision. Hope. Courage. Persistence. Justice.

  1. Lyn Clayton Willis says:

    I am so grateful for your comments,Tim, and heartened by the optimism you have expressed. We all need to hear you!

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