Clean Missouri

Posted: October 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

On this November’s ballot there is a special initiative – Amendment 1 – which is referred to as Clean Missouri. This amendment is essential to ridding our state of corruption in the political process. Though we cannot undo the tremendous damage that the Supreme Court inflicted on our country with Citizens UnitedClean Missouri can take some very positive state-wide steps.

Clean Missouri limits the gifts of lobbyists, puts caps on the amount of campaign contributions, requires open “sunshine” laws applied to all our politicians, sets a two year pause between when a legislator finishes a term and begins as a lobbyist, and establishes fair an impartial methods to overcome the gerrymandering of district lines.

Missouri has been corrupted by big money. Our politicians draw district lines so that politicians choose constituents rather than constituents choose their politicians. That can all change. Make sure and vote YES on Amendment 1.

For more information spend some time on the Clean Missouri website exploring Amendment 1 for yourself.

  1. Don Lanier says:

    Thanks for the clarification of the Clean Missouri amendment on the Nov. ballot. Concise and clear.

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