Be not fooled

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Be not fooled that the church or any humanly-created entity is equivalent to God, for it is not. The church is a flock of geese in search of a lake in which they may land and rest and feed. But the geese know they are not the lake. They are driven, led, guided to the lake by intimations so deep they fly without a single calculation. This internal guidance system has been cultivated over eons of time so that they fly in concert to where they must go.

The church is no more the kingdom of God than the geese are the lake. The lake was there long before them and will be there long after them. Be not fooled – the church is not the kingdom and the kingdom is not a reflection of the church’s structure, arbitrary rules or proposed certainties.

But don’t be scared to admit that we need others on the pathway, others beside us today and others who walked before us. Just make sure the object of our faith is about more than some system we created, a fine congratulatory hymn of the virtues of the saints. No, talk about our need of love and grace and hope. Talk about the ego we methodically constructed over the years and how it must now dissolve in order that the spirit may topple us into the unfathomable Mystery.

That’s enough to get us there. As long as we’re not fooled.

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