On Falling

Posted: June 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’ve heard it said that if you fall during a dream
and hit the bottom of whatever is below
your number is called, the gig is up.
You’ve fallen into the vortex of finitude
and there’s no back door.

But I don’t believe that for a second
because falling is first cousin to flying.
It’s just that with falling you can’t buy a ticket in advance
and usually on the way down
you don’t know what direction you are headed.
Sometimes there’s screaming and clawing at the air.

The truth is you probably wouldn’t have jumped
off the high dive in the first place
without some uninvited encouragement.

I knew a guy like that one time. He went by Eutychus,
a funny name considering that it means lucky.
Everyone thought he was a goner. But no.
The bottom wasn’t really the bottom after all.
What he hit hard was a beginning
and that surprised him as much as anyone.

But boy did he fall.
Or was it fly?

  1. daltonsinc@aol.com says:

    If you wrote this, I’d have to say, it’s great and I completely identify. If not and I don’t recognize something that is famous, shame on me. Either way I loved it.


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