Ascending the Spiral Staircase of the Spirit

Posted: January 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Infinite Power of the universe: Out of Your womb we came, wandering this fair and spacious land. From generation to generation we have covered the face of the earth, standing where those before us walked and lived as we do now. The first peoples made their way with seasons and territory, tradition and tribe. And before them the earth itself unfolded with billions of years of growth and change, a small garden in the corner of our ancient and ever-new cosmos.

Here we are today, the descendants of those who came from every corner of this planet, called to live in this place in this passing moment. How infinite is your space and grand the sweep of time. And how peaceful we feel when we know, deep down, that we are a part of you. In the clamor of events which surround us, so full of potential and uncertainty, we dare ascend the spiral staircase to our highest and best selves.

No matter whom we are or from whence we have come, we ask, we seek, we reach for the peace that passes understanding, the courage to stand for justice, and the wisdom to know what that looks like in our own time. Give us the will and courage to live out our creed so that conviction is matched by virtue and declarations are animated by actions.

In the course of human events, both large and small, some are lifted by a mysterious providence to govern your people for a season. We ask that those who have been vested with the authority of government will honor the positions they now fill. Give them wisdom and courage to fulfill their roles and duties. Let them rise above self-concern to address the needs of whole nation.

May we in our many states of mind and heart devote ourselves to the best good for the whole people, walk in the challenging footsteps of Jesus, constantly pursue truth even when it is unclear, follow the wisdom that exceeds our own, and strive to take the higher rather than lower path.

We do not claim, Creator of the Cosmos, that our time and place is somehow harder and more challenging than any other time. But we do ask you for the insight and solidarity to be forces for goodness and beauty in this time and place where you have planted us. Fill us with your lively Spirit so that we might be your weavers of visions, lovers of souls, painters of hope, models of compassion, voices of justice, and agents of transformation.

We ask all these impossibilities through the spirit and life of the One who makes all things possible, Jesus our life-giving revealer, Amen.

  1. katherine kinnamon says:

    I am deeply moved by this weaving of thought and work and spirit, Tim. And had to smile at the phrase that made it, not just words, but solid, and spoke the t
    ruth: “We ask all these impossibilities…” Yes, that’s us…feet in the mud, eyes on the stars and hearts aching for something impossible. Thank you Tim. k

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