Then the Stillness

Posted: December 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Except for harm and injury, most of us crave the kind of natural forces that bring life grinding to a halt. Ice and snow will do nicely. What kid isn’t thrilled with the news that school has been cancelled? Imagine, the free and clear gift of a day. And adults are not much different.

That is true unless you are one of those tireless civil servants for whom work increases when snow comes or the ones who go in to the hospital or power plant or care center for a long shift. For the rest of us the stopping of the expected schedule is a gift. If you are warm, if you have provisions, if you don’t need to go anywhere, the pause is something to be relished.

Two cardinals are perched on the neighbor’s deck, feeding on sunflower seeds. They are effervescent against the background of evergreen and white snow. It is the most most simple of things; the act of finding, eating, resting. Fly, nest, observe. Wait, whistle, roost.

In my seeing I share in that. In my knowing I am one with that. In my smiling I fly with the flock, flashing red against white, the frosted world beneath rosy wings.

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