Welcoming Veterans Home in Body and Soul

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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We are experiencing a crisis in American culture; the inner wounding of veterans who have not been adequately welcomed home, healed and returned to a meaningful part of society. The past dozen years of multiple deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in deep combat stress for those who have served. American citizens, regardless of where they stand on issues of war and peace or what attitudes they hold toward the veracity of any war in particular, are detached from those they have sent on their behalf. They do not know how to really help.

One of the recent attempts to reach out to these highly at risk veterans is All the Way Home. This community of humanitarian citizens and people of faith are building networks of mentors, small healing circles and educational events to reach the public at large.

Please consider linking their site to your own and passing it on to veterans, their families and those working with them!

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