When All Means All

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

As a part of our latest visioning process our congregation took up the issue of fully including all persons in the life of the congregation regardless of sexual orientation. A group was appointed to shepherd what became a year-long process of study, presentation and discussion. The end result was a three-pronged proposal that included a public statement of our congregation’s inclusion of those with different sexual orientations, aligning our personnel policies so they are non-discriminatory, and allowing for same-sex weddings in our sanctuary.

Our church board decided to receive the proposal of the committee with appreciation and then pass it on to the congregation for a vote. Congregational votes are meant to be rare, but in light of the issue at hand it was determined that this was a time in which one was required.

After the voting process concluded on Sunday the votes were tallied and reported to the congregation. The result was a strong majority in favor, over 80%.

We will now put in place what the congregation has discerned is our direction for the future. In some respects this will be very undramatic; we already are very welcoming and inclusive in all respects. In other areas, in the places where decisions are made, this decision will inform the way we view ourselves and our actions. The important thing is to become what we have decided to be. That takes time and intent.

For most in our congregation this outcome was assumed. Many were surprised that we were still discussing it. A smaller group of our brothers and sisters still struggle with this. Most do not have problems with including the LGBT community in our church as much as singling out any group for special provision. Others have difficulty with the marriage part, feeling it appropriate only in the case of a man with a woman. A much smaller few still struggle with the ethics of homosexuality itself. We will all strive to honor those who continue to work through these issues in Christian love, even as we remind ourselves that we have made a congregational decision to fully include all in the life of the church.


  1. Peacemaker says:

    Peace to all.

  2. Janie M says:

    Thank you, Tim, for the tone of this post. This was not an “us vs. them” issue, and you have made it clear that ALL voices will continue to be heard. There are many things I love about Broadway Christian Church, and this vote confirms one of the most important ones: we are all heard as we strive to know and follow the will of God.

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