The best work in the world

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I took a breath and thought back on the past few days. What could I ever do that would provide a greater sense of purpose and variety and interest than this? So, a little inventory of the past few days:

Worked on the community wide homelessness project
Prepared and presented program on the invisible soul wounds of war
Listened to the life story of a sage older adult
Heard a mom pour out her agony about her child
Listened to the teen tell of her rising anxiety attacks
Lunched with a man convicted of a terrible felony
Corresponded with residents of the jail and provided devotional materials
Wrote a sermon
Led worship and preached a sermon
Read several books
Interviewed a potential staff person
Designed a fall worship series
Wrote a Newsletter Column and Blogpost
Helped a woman in a domestic abuse case
Danced in a hula skirt for children at Vacation Bible School
Met with committee to plan wounded warriors workshop
Made finishing touches with guest for October Stalcup lecture on Forgiveness
Met with a father agonizing over son
Led person through EFT in dealing with anger and anxiety
Called on church member in home dealing with declining health

And then … everything else.

Who else is so blessed to walk through such a rich topography of life? What undeserved grace to receive such blessing?

  1. Gloria Beranek says:

    and so much more . . . not discounting the emotional drain of listening and helping in the trials of one’s fellowman/woman!

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