Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

To: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel
From: President Barack Obama, United States of America
RE: My impending trip to address the Knesset of Israel

Just a courtesy note to say that I have arranged a visit to your Knesset next month. It would be swell if you were there, being the head of state and all, but it is not really necessary. I have decided that since diplomacy is now being conducted by our legislatures it is find to sidestep the administration. As a matter of fact, I was so very appreciative that members of your Knesset, members of your opposition party, invited me. I have a humdinger of a speech ready to undermine almost everything you have been working on in foreign policy in recent years. There is moral urgency to this speech because I believe it is important and your opposition believes it is important even if you do not.

Oh, by the way, it probably has not eluded your attention that this visit coincides with upcoming elections in the USA. The things I have to say will excite our base and help get our party’s politicians elected. We are using your Knesset, your country’s decision making body, to accomplish our own goals. Thanks for that. So even though it appears as though your own opposition is ringing your chimes, they ultimately don’t matter, not to us they don’t – it’s really about America! Don’t you see the beauty of it all? I make the powerful statement by simply sidestepping the head of state.

I send you this little note because, well, I like you Benjamin. Since you did this to me earlier – came at the invitation of a congress that wanted to use you to oppose my foreign policy, even though that is the rightful province of the Administration, ambassadors and the State Department – I thought I would just return the favor in a friendly kind of way. Kind of with a wink, I guess you’d say.

See you in Jerusalem! What? You won’t be attending? For goodness sake, why not?

  1. Daltonsinc says:

    Yep, that Golden Rule approach really helps make sense of things.

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