The Subway Huddle

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m not trying to eavesdrop but it’s unavoidable. I’m eating at a table right beside a 6 top of guys who are sharing a tutorial. When I arrived one guy was drawing a pattern on a napkin and his friends were leaning in and listening. It was a discussion about strategy – how to disciple people. Relationships, content, and setting the hook in that first eight weeks.

By the time I was halfway through my sandwich the topic had shifted to “complimentary” but different roles prescribed by God through the Bible. Men are meant to lead and even though women don’t know it they secretly want to follow. When they don’t they are in a state of rebellion against God’s will…

By the time I was cleaning up my trash they were summarizing – this is the roadmap to get you to the right relationship with God. It’s not easy but it will transform you…

Yes, I thought, it will transform us … into the perfect culturally shaped First Century person, one whose church and concept of Biblical manhood is slowly being left in the dustbin of history…




  1. Ruth says:

    Women rebellious unless they follow? Seriously? Sounds like the 1950’s church I left in the dustbin for a more challenging, fulfilling faith journey!

  2. Audie says:

    They are among us and they pressure, pressure, pressure! No doubt it was hard to keep quiet when hearing such faulty reasoning! Of course, a discussion with those men would have netted nothing. You would have been marked a “damned soul.”

  3. Janie M says:

    We all know that there are men in the 21st century who think like that, but it is still a shock to hear them expounding their 1st century views. They are the same ones who think that the King James Bible is the literal, dictated word of God and that contemporary translations are blasphemous.

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