Real Chance for a Fighting Chance

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A Fighting ChanceElizabeth Warren came from humble roots, truly, not just the stories politicians often weave to help the electorate identity with them. She pieced together the way to get through a state university and law school and began practicing. In time her expertise in economic issues, particularly bankruptcy, moved toward the center of the educational stage. She ended up teaching law and economics at Harvard. From there people began to tap her as a player in the political process, especially as regards the financial industry. After the onset of the great recession she was appointed to create and develop a consumer protection agency, which she did. It was mightily resisted by the very powerful with large interests at stake. The effort eventually prevailed. And then she ran for the United States Senate and was elected. She occupies a rare chair in those chambers, as the Senator with perhaps the most economic smarts of the bunch.

But smarts is not what gets her in trouble and evokes the ire of the rich and powerful. What gets her in trouble is challenging the privileged social and political location of corporations too big to fail, corporations that are bailed out while citizens who are violated by those very corporations are not bailed out.

I recommend this autobiography highly. It provides a glimpse into the role of big money, the buying of America by the rich and powerful and how the uneven playing field that crushes the middle and lower classes continues to tilt. People like Elizabeth Warren are devoted to exposing the truth and doing something about it for the sake of her grandchildren and all grandchildren. It’s a good read. And she’s a fine person.


  1. Audie says:

    Elizabeth Warren is my pick for almost any leadership role in the Senate or anywhere where else honesty and accountability is needed in the government. All of us who agree with her forward looking philosophy need to strongly support her financially.

    A more detailed history of her rise from poverty is available on Wikipedia. Worth the 3-4 minute read.

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