William Barber brings Moral Monday to Tuesday

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Last night the convening convention of Columbia Faith Voices took place in Second Baptist Church of Columbia, Missouri. Those who have worked to form this community of communities were joined by others seeking seeking justice and dignity for all. The keynote speaker at the high energy service was the Rev. Dr. William Barber, the convener of the now famous Moral Mondays in North Carolina. We asked him to come and bring Monday to our Tuesday.

In addition to a calling for a moral voice in the present political atmosphere Dr. Barber gave us a little Oppression and Liberation in America 101. You put things in context and they begin to make sense, things like historic movements for freedom and dignity for all and how they have been resisted and repressed by those with great power.

Columbia Faith Voices identified an agenda that included safeguarding voting for all citizens and making health care available to all. The challenge extended to all to lift up their voices and put their faith to work.

There was a prophet in the land in Columbia, Missouri. And Monday moved to Tuesday.


  1. leslieclay1 says:

    I wish you could have been at the workshop he held from noon until about 2:30. It was a practical guide on how to go about effecting change in the legislature. He was a good speaker. Alas, I had to leave about 2:00, so I didn’t get to participate in small groups or hear the whole thing.

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