The Square

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

No, not the action adventure movie with Jack Ryan and Kevin Costner!

The Square is an Egyptian-American documentary film by Jehane Noujaim that was released in 2013. It depicts the rise of “Arab Spring” in Egypt begining in 2011 and based in Tahrir Square. The film premiered at Sundance and has since been nominated for an Oscar in the documentary category.

The film portrays the people’s movement that toppled two presidents in the span of three years, contention with the military establishment, and the rising and competing tide of Islamic fundamentalism. More than anything the film demonstrates the extreme difficulty of reform, its peril and stops and starts. Victories lead to unanticipated challenges. And in the case of the reformers their efforts often required suffering and even their lives.

Forget the action-adventure version of The Square. Go with the documentary!

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