Philomena: Magdalene Sisters II

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Judy Dench just gets better and better. Her portrayal of an older woman in search of the child who was removed from her early in life is stunning. The setting is that of a home for unwed mothers and their children run by the Magdalene Sisters. That name alone should shake the halls of memory. This particular order became notorious for the treatment of young wards under their care, exploiting them and profiting from their socially and religiously shameful situation.

The movie, The Magdalene Sisters, is required viewing, a Part I, to prepare for Philomena. It presents the story of the now exposed abuse of the Irish religious order. In terms of popular music, Joni Mitchell’s The Magdalene Laundries tells the story in song.

So now you have as much as three things to do, two movies and a song. The good news is that the scandal was eventually matched by a revelation of the truth and closure of the homes. That was much too late for many of the victims, but justice slowly turned. Philomena is the latest installment of the story and well worth the effort – both in making the film and receiving it.

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