Pray Unceasingly or Never Pray Again

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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NeverPrayAgain-e1383596869947So Two Friars and a Fool (Aric Clark, Doug Hagler and Nick Larson) are coming out with a new book in April whose title sends shivers down the spines of the pious: Never Pray Again.

Really? The title is provocative. But the ideas are, too. Since one of the Fools hangs out at our church I’ve heard a little about it. And since I know the guy actually does pray I want to know what they mean as they reinterpret the life of prayer and action. So I’m getting my copy pre-ordered now.

Most of us who have been around spiritual disciplines for a while are aware that an engaged spirituality integrates both poles of prayer and action. We know it in ourselves when they are not in balance. We know how some are called more of one side of the spectrum than the other.

What we generally don’t think about as much is just how mindfulness is required to experience the sacred in the doing of what we normally pray about, especially when it comes to prayers of petition and intercession. Rather than only pray for the starving an engaged spiritual practice might best be found in prayerfully feeding. And so forth.

Well, I can’t wait to find out what they’re up to. I have my doubts that this model can transfer to the mystical dimensions of contemplation. Martha is often left scurrying around as Mary is left in adoration at the feet of her Lord having chosen the best part. But I can be persuaded. Talk to me.

If you’re ready for some major reflection on the whole deal you might want to get your own copy. Take a look at their blog or Facebook and if you are still interested you can preorder the book straight from Chalice Press.

Never pray again? Well, I’m listening. I can guess what they’re up to. But beyond another shock title they’d better deliver. Knowing who’s doing the writing, I suspect they will.

  1. I hope you feel that we do deliver. Thank you for the mention, and being part of the conversation. Either way, let us know what you think, and feel free to ask any of the three of us anything you’re curious about.

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