A Prayer for the Nation

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Oh God of the nations and this nation, of all peoples and this one:

If there is a harvest today it is not only of corn and wheat, pumpkins and squash; the harvest of life comes not only from the work of our hands but also from the sacrifice of others, a vine of bounty under which we recline but did not plant. We give you thanks for their sacrifice, willing and unwilling, and the countless ways in which our feet have been strengthened for this path. To take it for granted is to dismiss those who spilled their blood or the blood of others. We bow before you, humble and humbled.

We come before your inscrutable judgement begging forgiveness for harm committed as the result of our own arrogance and pride. We have not sacrificed ourselves for the good but sacrificed the truth on the altar of false witness.  Through your mercy set us free from all forms of hypocrisy, malice and the pride that destroys easily and without conscience.

In such a time as this we lift special prayer for all clay-footed leaders, ones who must govern when difficult choices must be made. Like us, our leaders are self-centered, vain and power-hungry, not seeking the common good as much as what benefits them most. Set them and us free from the shackles of sin that we might taste the sweetness of harmony and common cause.

We receive the challenge of our times, O God, and if there is a way that we might become leaven in this lump of humanity, a light in the darkness or hope in hopelessness, give us the needed gifts that we might share them.  If this is your will and purpose and if you are waiting for us to act on your behalf, fill our hearts now with the right spirit so that they may overflow in goodly places, for your ways are peace, wisdom, justice and compassion most especially when their opposites roam the land.

Through the power of the One who tasted your reign even before it arrived,


(Tim Carson, October 2013)

  1. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for your prayer Tim. So powerful and so needed.
    Coincidentally, I asked my own church just this week to pray for our nation’s leaders.

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