Intervention in Syria? Yes, immediately.

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Add the latest egregious violation of humanity to the long list: The use of chemical weapons in a neighborhood just outside Damascus. Once upon a time we read that a man named Saul was heading there to do dastardly things and he was struck down and blinded by none other than the spirit of Christ. We need to be struck down again.

And so I add my voice to the chorus. Do something now, President Obama and Congress. Build a coalition or act unilaterally but don’t just sit there.

The action I propose, however, looks a little different. Immediately organize and lead a world day of mourning for the dead of Syria. Remember how they were preceded in tortuous death by millions elsewhere who also deserve our mourning. Wear black arm bands. Play dirges. Have a moment of silence and project it to the entire world.

And then, as quickly as possible, take a very public shock and awe action that cannot be ignored: Destroy all of our weapons of mass destruction, the ones we have developed, weaponized and are prepared to use. Wheel them out into the international square and in the presence of all witnesses destroy them and vow to never use them. Invite representatives of all countries who also have them in their stockpiles. Invite the Syrian government and its allies.

You could bomb Syria back to the stone age to make your point, adding agony to insult. But don’t. Do something much more subversive.


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