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Posted: August 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Affordable Care Act relies on a plan very similar to that of Governor Romney when he brought health care leadership to Massachusetts. it is a hybrid private/public solution. Many people, like myself, have a health insurance provision through their work. Many people like my daughter rely on Medicaid. New provisions make it available to all in different ways. One of the responsibilities of citizens, I believe, is to make people aware of those pathways.

Since the plan goes into effect January 1 the health exchanges (brokerages of private health insurers) begin enrolling people October 1. Since Missouri has resisted both expanding Medicaid on the state level (though Federal dollars would have funded the greatest share of that) and attempted to block provisions of the Affordable Care Act, virtually everything we see now will come to us through Federal channels. That will include expansion of public health insurance for those who can’t afford it and private insurance for those who can or companies who will provide it to their employees.

Since this is being systematically submerged in our state it is important to pass this information to individuals or companies who will need to access it.

If you are a company or individual wondering how to access the health exchanges in Missouri (or for that matter any state) here is where you go:

Health Insurance Marketplace

  1. David McGee says:

    Thanks Tim! My family will definitely be keeping an eye on this as we are anxiously awaiting to see if we can get into something other than a “high risk” pool…which is also “high cost.”

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